In many ways, alloy wheels are used on a large variety of vehicles, from racing cars to high performance road vehicles, including MPVs, SUVs or off-roaders. The benefits of alloy wheels are: Style Your beautiful car deserves its perfect finishing touch and nothing is more fitting than a set of attractive alloy wheelsthat suits your unique personality and lifestyle. Boasting an extensive range of designs and finishings, Onyx wheels are your preferred choice when deciding on that perfect set of wheels. Reduced Unsprung Weight Compared to Steel Wheels Alloy wheels are much lighter and at the same time offer superior strength compared to regular steel wheels. This is very important as it affects a vehicle’s road holding ability. When the weight of the wheels are decreased, the vehicle’s susceptibility to cornering forces and road shocks are greatly reduce, resulting to a safer handling. Increased Control over Acceleration, Steering and Braking With lighter wheels, the weight of the vehicle’s rotational mass is reduced. This allows more precise input and directly affects the vehicle’s response in terms of acceleration, steering and braking. Controlled Cornering The superior strength of alloys wheels compared to steel wheels are also translated to greater control when cornering. Wheel and tyre deflections during cornering are greatly reduced. Increased Brake Cooling As excellent conductors of heat, the flow of air from the alloy wheels allows efficient heat dissipation from the brakes. This is particularly critical when the brakes are subjected to demanding conditions and are susceptible to brake fading.

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